What is the accommodation section for touring artists?

Our community provides a dedicated section where artists can request or offer accommodation while on tour. We recommend using external platforms like CouchSurfing to ensure safety and security during your stay. Connect with fellow musicians and explore the world while enjoying a comfortable and supportive network.

🏠 Artists Seeking Accommodation Guidelines 🛏️

In this section, you can post an advertisement seeking or offering accommodation for touring artists. Feel free to respond to these posts with relevant dates and your CouchSurfing profile.

  1. Be Respectful:  Treat hosts and fellow musicians with respect and courtesy.
  2. Clear and Detailed Requests:  When seeking or offering accommodation, provide clear and detailed information about your needs, dates, and any specific requirements. Title Example: (Toronto) Canada – Looking for a place to stay (date)
  3. Communicate Responsibly:  Maintain open and transparent communication with potential hosts or guests. Be prompt in responding to messages and keep them informed of any changes or updates.
  4. Consider Safety: Prioritize your safety by researching and evaluating potential accommodations and hosts. Use reputable platforms like Couchsurfing that have built-in safety features.
  5. Respect Hosts’ Guidelines: Follow any guidelines or house rules set by the hosts and be mindful of their property and belongings
  6. Show Gratitude: Express gratitude and appreciation to hosts who offer their accommodations or hospitality.
  7. Permitted Links:  Only share links to your Couchsurfing profile when discussing accommodation options. Avoid sharing external links or promoting other accommodation websites. Please note that paid accommodations are not allowed in this section.
  8. Be creative: Feel free to exchange music-related information and collaborate on new musical projects.

These rules aim to maintain a secure and respectful environment for all users seeking accommodation. By following these guidelines and utilizing trusted platforms like Couchsurfing, you can enhance your chances of finding suitable accommodation during your artist tour.

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