How payments work!

Stripe handles our payments to keep your payments safe and secure. Stripe is the world’s second-largest payment gateway used by big companies such as Twitter, Amazon and Spotify. It’s free to join! If you are an Artist you can do this as part of your listing creation. Once this is complete your listing will be live and you can accept booking requests. Venues or Event Coordinators on the other hand will be asked for payment through Stripe only to reserve funds for your accepted booking.

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Once the Event Coordinator or Venue sends a booking request to the Artist the Artist can either accept or decline the booking request. Event Coordinators or Venues can search by location, available dates, keywords, price per hour, reviews, tags and much more.

When the Artist accepts the booking the Event Coorindator or Venue will have 24 hours to reserve the funds to be paid out to the artist. The funds will be released automatically to the Artist within 24 hours after the concert end date and time. Riffer Music charges an 20% commission to Venue or Event Coordinator. This allows Riffer Music to cover hosting costs, development enhancements and payment processing fees. Fees will be seen on the invoice as Riffer Music fees. Riffer Music fees are non-refundable.

In order to protect both parties Riffer Music will hold the funds on Stripe and they will be transferred to the artist with in 24 hours of event end date and time.

After the concert is complete the payment will be automatically transferred to the Artists Stripe account within 24 hours of the concert end date and time. To avoid issues with payments accidently being sent to the Artist in the case of a no-show we recommend that the Venue or Event Coordinator dispute any orders with in 24 hours of the booking end date and time. Please be sure to read our “Cancellation Policy”.

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