How payments work!

At Riffer Music, we understand the significance of ensuring the safety of your payments. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Stripe, the world’s second-largest payment gateway, trusted by leading firms like Twitter, Amazon, and Spotify. Joining Stripe is effortless and free, and it’s a simple step in creating your listing as an Artist. Once your payment details are registered, your listing will become active and you can start receiving booking requests. For Event Coordinators and Venues, Stripe will be used only to hold your funds for accepted bookings.

Discover the benefits and security of using Stripe by visiting their website:

The booking process for artists on the Riffer Music platform begins with a request from an event coordinator or venue.

Once an artist accepts a booking request, the event coordinator or venue has 24 hours to secure the funds for the booking. These funds are held securely through Stripe, a leading payment processor, and are released to the artist after the event ends. Riffer Music charges a 20% commission on bookings. This helps cover the costs of hosting, development, and payment processing, while also allowing us to continue improving our platform. Please note that these fees are non-refundable.

We take the financial aspect of booking events very seriously. That’s why we handle the payments for both parties and hold the funds with Stripe until the event has taken place. This ensures that the artist will receive their payment in a timely manner and that the event coordinator or venue can have peace of mind knowing that their funds are secure.

Once the event has ended, the payment will be automatically transferred to the artist’s Stripe account within 24 hours. To avoid any issues with payments being sent to the artist in the case of a no-show, we recommend that the venue or event coordinator dispute any orders within 24 hours of the booking’s end date and time. Be sure to review our “Cancellation Policy” for further information.

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