Musician Guidelines

Riffer Music is a community marketplace where musicians represent themselves and are responsible for their own businesses. As a musician, you want bookings more than anything when using our platform, and we want you to succeed. Therefore, we’ve put together some overall guidelines for you to make the most of your account.

Keep your calendar up to date #

Customers are often looking for live music for specific dates. If you set your calendar as available, your profile will appear in the search result and you will have more possibilities to be booked. From an event manager’s point of view, getting rejected due to the musician being unavailable is very discouraging. In the interest of the community if you decline an excess number of booking your profile may be temporarily deactivated.

Communication #

As a guideline, we recommend responding within 24 hours from when we notify you of the inquiry, or as soon as possible.

Be Considerate #

We have a comprehensive Help page to assist the entire community. However, it’s important to remember that many individuals and businesses may lack experience in hosting live music. Please practice consideration by clarifying any uncertainties in advance and avoiding assumptions that could lead to negative experiences for you or your customers.

Be committed #

When you confirm a booking, the Event Manager or Venue trusts you to be professional and deliver. Any unexpected changes can be very disruptive to the customer experience, and the reputation of you and the community as a whole. Please read our Cancellation Policy”.

Price #

Make sure that your price is realistic and reflects your local market. As can be difficult to compete with artists that have 10 or 100 reviews, we recommend setting your price below the market at the beginning to capture your first customers. Once you build your credibility in our community with the feedback you can change it but remember try always to be competitive.

Reviews #

Your customers will have the opportunity to rate and review their overall experience from your live performance. The individual ratings and reviews will be visible on your listing page. Having a good average rating is one of the most powerful ways to get more inquiries and more bookings. Remember that the customer doesn’t know you and this is the only way to have an idea of you and your skills.

  • Be aware, that how you communicate and behave will be a very important element of the overall customer experience. Apart from your music performance; your flexibility, service, and your ability to make the customer feel in good hands, are all factors that affect the experience.
  • Sometimes it can be challenging to be flexible with your performance and adapt to the situation and circumstances. However, make sure to keep an open mind, and be aware of the setting and the needs of the customer.
  • Ask for feedback from your customers after your performances.

Checklist: #

  • Agree with the customer, about what equipment is being provided or if you need to provide it
  • Confirm your load-in, sound check, performance, and any break times
  • Confirm how best to load in and load out of the location
  • Double-check your equipment, and bring any spares you think you might need
  • Be punctual, polite, and professional
  • Don’t forget to bring merchandise
  • Remember to say thanks, and remind the customer to a review

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