we created a new revolutionary platform.

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Riffer Music is a trusted community marketplace for people and businesses to discover and book local musicians for any occasion and location.

Our custom-made platform simplifies the organization of the concerts that otherwise can be an annoying and time spending business. 

We also handle the transactions and log all agreements between the Musicians and the Event Organizer to ensure that all terms and conditions are in order for the protection of both parties, including a “Cancellation Policy” for the event.

Our principle is that we succeed when the concert is successful. Therefore, the platform is FREE to use for everyone, and our pricing model and the system is developed to be fair for both parties.

main freatures

  • Fast booking and transaction service.
  • Search by location, music genre, dates, price, review.
  • Cancellation policy.
  • Reviews system based.
  • Secure and trusted payment system.
  • Free streaming video services on the social media platform during an event.
  • Opportunity for fans to share their beautiful musical experiences.
  • Payments of royalty fees through Soundreef.
  • Free accommodation through Couchsurfing.

how does it look

streaming platform

We have temporarily built a live streaming platform to allow our customers to broadcast their live concert to the web. For this, we decided to use external software (is also available on mobile) called Obs Studio. We chose it for the many features that it has. Once you logged on Riffer Music Live you can easily stream your concert directly using your app/software.

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