Riffer Music is a trusted community marketplace for people and businesses to discover and book local musicians for any occasion and location. Our custom made platform simplifies a concert’s organization that otherwise would be annoying and time consuming.  We also handle the reservation of funds for the event and the transfer of funds to the artist when the event is complete. On top of all that we save all the agreements between the Artist and the Venue. This ensures that all the terms and conditions are met and protects both parties which include a Cancellation Policy for the event.

Our principle is simple; we all succeed when the concert is successful. Therefore, the platform is FREE to use for everyone and our pricing model is fair for both parties. Artists never pay a dime and Event Coordinators cover the Fees.

for Venues/Event Coordinators

1. Find a Musician

With Riffer Music you can easily find a musician that best suits your event, taste, and budget!

2. Check Artist Availability and Open Dialog

Use the calendar to check the availability of the artist and contact them to discuss the details for your event. Your profile page has a dashboard with all the information you’ll need to manage the event.

3. Book and pay

Click on “Book an Artist”, wait for the reservation to be accepted and then reserve the funds for the event within 24 hours of the accepted booking to confirm the show! To protect both you and the artist Riffer Music holds 100% of the show’s value including any Riffer Music fees at the time of booking. The payment will automatically be released to the Artist within 24 hours after the concert date and end time. No more worrying about last-minute cancellations or no-shows! With Riffer Music you are safe!

for Artists

1. Create a Profile

Signing up is easy! Just start by creating your Manager Profile that you will use to create and manage your Artist profiles. You can list as many Artists as you’d like with one Manager Profile. Once you create an Artist Profile you can add your Youtube channel link, photos, and descriptions and make sure you stand out from the crowd! Finally set the price per hour for your listing and add the Artist’s home location and available dates and times.

2. Promote Yourself

Show, shout, tweet and share your story with the world! You’ve got all the tools at your disposal and we’ll take care of all the technical stuff. Now it’s up to you the Artist to gain some traction and make some money. Start by sharing your profile online and adding your unique Riffer Music Artist link that will showcase all your promotional material and allow people to book you for their next event.

3. Respond to the Booking Requests

Check your booking requests and try not to let your customers wait for your response. You will be notified on your profile dashboard and by email when someone wants to book you for their next event.

4. Get Paid

To protect you the Artist and the Venue Riffer Music takes 100% of the payment for you at the time of booking. The payment will automatically be released to you within 24 hours after the concert end date and time. With Riffer Music you are safe! You no longer have to worry about getting paid at the end of the show!

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