Being an emerging band or artist can be really challenging. It is not easy to find a venue or event manager that’s ready to hire you. There has also never been an online community to simplify the organization of a concert through connecting artists to venues. That is why we created Riffer Music! Join our community and create your listing for free! Get booked with a few simple clicks and get paid automatically when the event is completed. For artists it is completely free so don’t waste time and sign up now.

Respond immediately to all booking requests.

There is nothing more frustrating for an event planner than contacting an artist and not receiving a response or receiving a response weeks later. Riffer Music succeeds if you succeed. That’s why responding quickly to all booking requests is important for you as an Artist. Artists who respond within an hour to each request are more likely to get booked and receive better reviews.

Collect positive reviews.

Riffer Music hopes that every Artist will put on exceptional show. The more positive 5-star reviews you collect the more bookings you’ll obtain. An event manager looks for reliability and the easiest way for them to find this is by checking your reviews.

Use spectacular photos.

Ads with professional photos will attract more attention to your profile and result in higher earnings and bookings. Your photo shoot should showcase you, your band and past performances.

Adjust your rates.

Rates should be fair and up to date. Keep in mind that if your rates are too high the event coordinator may not decide to book you. This lack of bookings in the long run will negatively affect your earnings and your interaction with in our community. On the other hand if your rates are too low you might get a lot of requests but you could be missing out on higher earnings. To be successful on Riffer Music it’s important that your prices are always competitive. You can change your rates at any time if you feel you can earn or deserve more for your performances.

Update your calendar.

Having an up-to-date calendar is essential if you want to gain more visibility on Riffer Music. Riffer Music‘s booking system is based on the trusting relationship between the artist and the venue. If a venue sees that your band is available for particular time slots then you should really make sure you are available. Make sure your calendar is up to date and block off days you know you can’t commit to. Visit your calendar often and update your listings availability so you don’t have to decline bookings all the time.


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