Whether you are organizing an event for a venue or for a private event you probably already know that this can take a lot of time and planning. Finding a band or musician is not easy. Even with the help of the internet it can be hard to search through social media and online forums to find the right artist. Certainly you’ll be able to find “someone” but you still don’t know:

  • availability
  • cost
  • how they sound live
  • if they are local to your area
  • prior reviews

Finding the answers to these questions involves investing a lot time and unfortunately not everyone has that extra time. Just think of an event manager or club owner who has to do all this extra work to find a musician all while running their main business. Marketing materials, advertising costs and promoting the event can also add to the stress of booking an artist.

We at Riffer Music have tried to simplify the organization of the concert. We have built a marketplace where anyone can search for a musician for their next event and book them in just a few clicks. You can search for artists by:

  • location
  • genre
  • available dates
  • price
  • reviews
  • tags
  • or any keyword you’d like

Once you are on a musician’s page you can listen to their songs or watch past performances. All of their information is on one page so all you have to do is click “Book Artist” when you find the right one. Once the booking is accepted you can confirm that booking by credit or debit card. We will hold the payment to be distributed to the artist with in 24 hours of the event end date and time. Your payment is secure and will only be released to the artist after the concert has taken place. Any disputes or no-shows can be refunded entirely excluding Riffer Music fees.

Once the booking is confirmed you can share the band’s profile online or on social media to spread the word about your upcoming event.


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