Sid Ahmed A.

Paris, France
Sid Ahmed A.
Sid Ahmed A.
Sid Ahmed A.
Booking Available From: 8:00 am
Booking Available To: 4:09 am

As a professional guitarist, session musician, and composer, I have amassed a wealth of experience over the past decade. I have had the privilege of playing with a multitude of bands and recording numerous albums across a diverse range of musical styles, including jazz, oriental, blues, pop, R&B, and more. Through my extensive stage and band experience, I have honed my skills and developed a keen ability to adapt to a wide variety of musical genres.

My arsenal of instruments includes a classic guitar, electric guitar, jazz manouche guitar, folk guitar, and bass guitar. This vast collection of equipment enables me to seamlessly transition between different musical styles and genres, providing me with the flexibility and adaptability required to meet the unique needs of each artist or project.

I take great pride in putting my skills at the service of other artists, and I am always eager to collaborate with fellow musicians and composers. Whether it’s contributing my expertise to a recording session or performing live on stage, I am committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding the expectations of my clients and collaborators.

In summary, my extensive experience, diverse skill set, and versatility make me a highly sought-after professional within the music industry. I am passionate about my craft and dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and professionalism in all of my endeavors.


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