Pigeon Man

Nashville, TN
Pigeon Man
Booking Available From: 12:00 am
Booking Available To: 12:00 am

Over the past two decades, rock music has seen a steady decline in engagement, especially among youth audiences, because bands have defaulted to writing music that strives to fit within the limits of a specific subgenre. Pigeon Man rejects this derivative approach with innovative music and lyrics that redefine what rock music can be. Based out of Nashville, the band draws influence from punk, alternative rock, and pop to cultivate innovative genre-fluid records that feel modern while evoking nostalgia. With Peter Dzubay on vocals, guitar, and keys, Drew Sinha on guitar, Brad Young on bass, and Stephen Ellison on drums, the quartet delivers energetic and engaging live performances. The group’s debut EP, ‘Home for Now’, is available now on all streaming platforms. Always wash your berries.


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