Aksel Allouch

Boston, MA
Aksel Allouch
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Aksel Allouch

Born with an Amazigh identity in the City of Agadir and growing up immersed in the multi-lingual cosmopolitan environment of the Mediterranean region, Aksel Allouch is an artist at his core, boasting a musical heritage deeply rooted in the traditional and modern styles of Morocco and America. His diverse and musically inspiring background has taught him the art of marrying the old with the new, the mystic with the exposed, and natural classical order with an unmistakable experimental edge.

Being naturally drawn to musical instruments from a young age and having learned to play various guitar styles since 1996 (classical, acoustic, electric), he is now skilled at all strumming string instruments, including bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and ventures into other world string instruments such as the Moroccan Gambri, the Middle-Eastern Ud, the Russian Balalaika, etc. In addition, the eclectic artist also mastered the skills of the saxophone, the trumpet, the flute, and the drums on his own. Being a self-trained musician, Aksel has always relied extensively on his musical ear and sonic sensitivity. He prides himself on his ability to not only reproduce sounds to the slightest nuance but also recreate it with his own spin. Because Aksel’s improvisational style is primarily oriented towards experimentation, free-form and avant-garde, he is able to set frames with his rhythmic phrasing and draw stories with his extended solos to the delight of the listeners.

Aksel has mostly been playing his World and Rock music in unofficial environments such as open mics, open-air jams and private parties. Through this, he has been musically intermingling with musicians from all over the world, in Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, etc. While his music processes have, for the most part, not been recorded, he has left an unforgettable footprint anywhere he has been playing due to his unique style and ability to turn people’s heads at the first played notes. His fans especially appreciate his rich combination of a plethora of musical genres (Jazz, Soul, Folk and so on) and his unwavering and inspiring themes of authenticity, spirituality and connection in his music.

This talented and underrated artist is looking forward to recording and releasing plenty of new singles, performing live and connecting with the audience on an emotional level and collaborating with talented musicians from various backgrounds.


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