Every community has standards and ours is no different.

From the start of your search to the end of your concert, our goal is to make your experience memorable and stress-free. Book through Riffer Music and enjoy knowing that you are empowering local live music.

1. Identification

Musicians are verified by us and also by connecting their profiles via Stripe. Learn More. We protect our community by setting minimum criteria for musicians to create a profile and will delete any deceptive profiles that come to our attention.

2. Profile & Reviews

Get to know your musician or customer through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.

3. Messaging

Using our messaging system to speak to a musician directly is the best way to remain safe.

4. Payments

Payments made through Riffer Music are secure and verified via Stripe. We can handle potential disputes after the gig and will force a full refund to customers if need be. Please read our “Cancellation Policy”.

5. Support

Whether you’re a musician or a customer we are available for unlimited technical support and/or guidance. We are always there for you and will return any query you have as soon as possible via email. You can use our contact form for any questions.

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