Our Story

Our story, my story

Everything begins with an Idea. Ideas are what change the world, and for generating a great idea you need to be creative, you need to abandon traditional ways of looking into things, make strange familiar and familiarly strange.

It all started many years ago when I had this idea of simplifying and making the concert organization safer. By concert, I don’t mean the big multinationals companies that organize music in stadiums. I mean the little nights in clubs, pubs, etc where everyone goes at least once per week.

Having always been interested in music and everything behind it, in my years of organization experience I saw that something was missing. It was all too complicated and mechanical.

On the side of venues, finding a band for an evening, contacting them to establish the price, dates, knowing if they are good is time-consuming. This time is not available to them due they have other work to do. Not to mention the “no shows” can jeopardize the entire concert and the reputation. How they can trust a band that they don’t even know?

Artists, on the other hand, often find themselves paying membership fees to websites just to find some audience to be engaged. Often the artists play only as a hobby and they have a real job to ensure an economic income.

This is a vicious circle for both, and most of the time the event manager finds himself calling bands that have already performed or friends of friends. So for emerging artist, it becomes difficult to make themselves known.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."


This was the hardest part due I’m not a developer other than a hobbyist, so I haven’t been able to develop my idea on my own. I asked many to develop this dream with me but none of them were interested so I turned to ask developer companies until I found the right one.

After that stage, I asked for a bank loan, and until today I’m paying everything with my earnings to help to finish this project.

Riffer Music is based in Austin Texas (US).

Austin’s official motto is the “Live Music Capital of the World” due to the high volume of venues hosting live music performances in the city, sometimes over 100 on the same night.

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"Music has the power to bring people together"

our goal

As Beethoven said: “music can change the world“, and that is our goal. We want to involve as many people as possible all around the world and create a real music community. For this reason, we are giving to our artists the possibility to host fellow musicians who are on tour in in order to establish a bond that may one day will create new music projects. 


companies we support

Riffer Music supports several non-profit organizations some of which are our partners. Riffer cares about the environment and the associations that use music for social purposes. Our CEO is concluding media partnership contracts with some associations with the aim of donating part of the future turnover of the company for the good of others and of our planet.




Given his studies in the economic field and his work experience in Finance at various multinational companies, he decided in 2018 to start his Startup. An innovative idea that continues today and takes the name of Riffer Music; also known as “the Airbnb of Live Music!”. These years have been chaotic and hard to develop his idea, his business plan, and to make it emerge. His love for music and the desire not to give up has encouraged Andrea to help those who like him decide to follow their dreams. He wrote a book for Italian Startuppers (to be published shortly) and a reference website/blog www.andreamolinaro.com.

Diploma in Accounting
Certificate in “Today’s Music Industry” · West Virginia University US
Certificate in “Music & Social Action” · Yale University US
Certificate in “Music for Wellness” · Berklee University US
Certificate in “Music Event Organizer” · MarteLive Label IT
Certificate in “How Music Can Change Your Life” · The University of Melbourne AU

Work experience
+6 years in Sales
4 years in Accounting and Finance