Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France
Booking Available From: 12:00 am
Booking Available To: 12:00 am

We could almost start with “once upon a time” to describe YELLOW PILL but it’s a bit “too much” isn’t it?

This multi-faceted group mixes a lot of influences and surprises with the substance and form of his eclectic compositions.

YELLOW PILL is initially a duo, formed by Julie and David (this is the official version retained by History, it is said that the meeting took place in the middle of Burning Man in the 80s)

Blues and Soul on a thin layer of electro for a resolutely Trip Hop atmosphere on disc, YELLOW PILL takes on a much more Rock scale on stage, accompanied by Fred (bass) and Arnaud (drums).

An album is being prepared in a cabin not far from SAN FRANCISCO (what? DAFT PUNK made us believe they were robots, didn’t they?) and YELLOW PILL wants to perform its titles live.


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