Rabbi Houdini

Rabbi Houdini
Rabbi Houdini
Booking Available From: 8:00 pm
Booking Available To: 12:00 am

Rabbi Houdini is the Brussels music scene’s most intriguing indie rock band.

Their songs are driven by the lyrical stylings of Reagan M. Sova, an acclaimed poet and author, dubbed by one interviewer as “a sharp-shooting Lone Ranger of the literary underground.” To Larry “Ratso” Sloman – the legendary rock writer who traveled with Bob Dylan and sang a duet with Nick Cave – Sova is “an arresting singer/songwriter and an excellent overall wordsmith. He responds to the beat of a different drum — and gives me hope for the future of our profession.”

In Rabbi Houdini, five stellar musicians have joined forces with Sova: there is Michael (aka Junglefish), a London native who unleashes bass lines like rivers. There’s the Belgian guitarist, known by the simple yet enigmatic moniker “Dog,” who has over 200 concerts under his belt. The Venetian violinist Luisa Zin, and Canadian keyboardist Ray Matthews, each bring a soulful, ethereal dimension to the group’s enchanting melodies – and finally, there is the skillful work of American drummer, Mike Murray, the backbone of the group.

The group can perform as an indie rock band with six members, or do a more low-key acoustic set with three or four members. Or be a solo acoustic, singer/songwriter act. For full band, we would need an in-house PA and mixer, or we could bring our own for 200 euros extra.


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